Tips for Your Heating Oil Tank this Summer


Just because summer is here and beach days and barbecues are ahead, doesn’t mean you should forget about your heating oil tank! An often-overlooked task during the warmer months is taking care of your heating oil tank. Here are some key tips to ensure your tank is in tip-top shape during the off-season:


  • Conduct a Visual Inspection: Head down to your basement or go outside to take a look at your heating oil tank. Check the tank’s legs for damage, and look for warps, dents, rust, weeping (condensation outside the tank), or wet spots on the tank. These can all be signs of internal corrosion and should be addressed immediately.


  • Get a Professional Inspection: While performing an inspection yourself is a great way to notice obvious damage, you cannot see damage inside your tank. A professional ultrasonic inspection can look at your fuel lines, test your oil, and check for internal corrosion to help you determine the health of your storage tank.


  • Fill It Up: A partially filled or empty tank is susceptible to moisture buildup, which can lead to internal corrosion. It’s important to keep your tank full during the warmer months to protect your heating equipment, so schedule a heating oil delivery with Cash Oil Co. today so you can have peace of mind all summer.


By following these three tips, you can help ensure your heating oil tank is protected and ready to begin next heating season. For reliable heating oil deliveries all-year round, Cash Oil Co. is the company to call. Click here to place an order now or search your zip code to see if we deliver in your area!