Head into Spring and Summer with a Full Tank!

Scheduling a fuel delivery right before the heating season ends is actually crucial for your system’s well-being. For those of you that rely on heating oil for your water heater, your system will always be in use. But those of you who use your heating oil solely for heat might not turn your system on throughout the entire summer season. It’s important to understand that a full tank serves as protection for not only itself but also for your equipment. Don’t neglect your tank by leaving it empty even if you’re not using it!

  • Letting an empty tank sit for too long will lead to water accumulation from condensation.
  • Water accumulation causes bacteria and sediment build-up, which can rot the inside of your tank
  • When drawn into your lines, the sediment build-up will cause clogs that disrupt the fuel flow.

Ordering your fuel on the off-season will also allow for stress-free scheduling and the peace of mind that you’re prepared for any inclement weather that may come, either at the end of this season or the beginning of next.

Although your heating equipment may soon be taking a break, keep it well-lubricated and protected with a full tank of oil!

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