Save this Spring with Conservation Tips from Cash Oil Co.

People talk a lot about energy conservation in the winter and summer, but what about the spring? After all, April is "Earth Month." The seasonal change brings about a fresh opportunity for you to practice energy conservation. In our never-ending quest to find our customers savings, Cash Oil Co. has created a list of tips to help you save money this spring.

Here are a few springtime conservation tips:

  • Open your windows: Avoid turning on your air conditioning and naturally cool your home by opening the windows.
  • Use ceiling fans: Cooling your home with ceiling fans instead of air conditioning will help lower your electricity bill.
  • Schedule a heating or cooling system tune-up: Annual tune-ups and maintenance will help improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Use window treatments: Energy-efficient blinds and shades can block out sunlight and reduce heat inside your home when temperatures rise.
  • Replace weather stripping: A tightly sealed window will help to keep the warm air outside and the cool air in.
  • Place a fuel delivery: Protect your tank and heating system by calling Cash Oil Co. for a fuel delivery this spring.

Let's treat every day like it's Earth Day! Contact us here for more conservation tips or to schedule your fuel delivery.