Conserve Energy this Autumn!

Woooosh – a cool breeze brushes ever so softly against your face. You inhale deeply and with the exhale you think – it’s time to start saving.

Keeping your windows open when temperatures outside reach a comfortable level isn’t the only way to save.

Here are some tips that can help you conserve energy and cut down on costs during the crisp Fall season.

  • Let the sunshine in: Keeping your blinds and curtains open will give you natural light and warmth.
  • Your fan is your friend: While the temperature outside may be cooler, inside may still feel warm. Instead of blasting the AC, turn on your ceiling fan for peak comfort and conservation.
  • Don’t block your vents: When vents are covered, the equipment requires more energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Schedule a system tune-up: Annual tune-ups help preserve the life of your heating and cooling systems and save you money on monthly energy bills. Your pockets will thank you!

For more tips on how to save energy this year and beyond, contact Cash Oil Co.!