How You Can Take Control of Your Heating Expenses

With no service contracts or unwanted services, Cash Oil Co. is able to focus solely on providing the heating oil you need, when you need it. Our COD heating oil service gives homeowners throughout Northern New Jersey more control over their budget and heating expenses.

The benefits of being a Cash Oil Co. customer include:

  • Being able to schedule your delivery on a day and time that work best for you
  • Choosing how much heating oil you'd like to receive
  • Access to free estimates before purchasing your fuel
  • Competitive fuel prices
  • Same or next-day deliveries

By offering these benefits, you're able to check the price of heating oil each day and figure out how much a delivery is going to cost before scheduling it. With no hidden fees or surprises, you'll be able to plan and budget for your fuel bills more effectively.

Check your price or schedule a delivery today.