Home Heating Oil Delivery in Newton, NJ

As winter temperatures in Newton, NJ, average in the 30s, you need a reliable source of heat for chilly winter days. Cash Oil Co. can help with our business and home heating oil delivery. Get in touch today to get the heat you deserve for your property.

Why Choose Us?

Cash Oil Co. is dedicated to providing you quality heating oil. To achieve this goal, we also:

  • Offer oil at affordable rates: We can beat any competitor's prices!
  • Deliver oil quickly: We often get it to you the same day!
  • Make ordering easy and convenient: We even provide estimates before you finish buying!

Our established relationships with local suppliers ensure that we can meet and exceed your expectations of heating oil delivery for your home or business.

How Can You Order?

Order your oil today on our online form. Please let us know where you live or work and how much oil you require. Afterward, we will call you to schedule a delivery time. We accept both cash and credit card payments. If you have any questions about our heating services, please call us at 973-383-4671. We look forward to helping you with your heating oil needs in Newton, NJ.